1. Finally ^^ The MBLAQ Hope FLashmob vid ;P

  2. MBLAQ


    Having the song on repeat (: <3 <3 after the MBLAQ flashmob today i’m in a total MBLAQ mode^^

  3. Thank you beautiful people (Sayu and Lene) for a wonderfull day ^^ <3

  4. Fangirling at the dansih easter kpop meet up (by Hoejfeld)

  5. Tumblr for all the Danish K-pop Fanboys and Fangirls

    been thinking about making a tumblr for The Danish K-pop Lovers for a vile.. 

    And now I made it ^^ 

    Lene a co admin along with me ;P

    (do I miss anything you think should be here?)

    love Pernille ^^